Dame Rita Bral

Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge (VBOB)
Annual Commemorative Meeting

Each year the Golden Gate Chapter of the Veterans Of The Battle Of The Bulge (VBOB) meet to commemorate the start of the Allied Forces' Ardennes Campaign (December 1944 through January 1945).

The Military Memorial Service is led by the Veterans following military protocol. To honor the Veterans' heroic fight to liberate Belgium and Luxembourg the service has been attended by the Consul of Belgium and the Consul General of Luxembourgh for over 15 years.

Beginning in 2006 photos were taken, carefully annotated, and presented to the attending Veterans. In the legends for the photos each Veteran is identified with his/her complete military designations and/or assignment effective in the December 1944/January 1945 timeframe, using standard military notation and abbreviations.

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