Veterans Of The Battle Of The Bulge (VBOB), Golden Gate Chapter
Memorial Service -- 15 December 2007
Ft. Miley (SFVA Medical Center), San Francisco, California

VBOB December 2007 Group Photo
FRONT (From Left): Richard Damon, Clark Monroe, Mort Tallen, Dame Rita Bral, Dean Woo,
Phil Wallace, Edward Scott John Vassalo, Russ Rodgers, Irel Barrus, Lou Ravano,
TOP (From Left): Denis Parsons, Tom Baublitz, Bob Bee, Hon. Georges Faber, Bill Armstrong, Rudy Mello,
Alphabetic Order with Unit Descriptions
Bill Armstrong, 26th Division, 263rd FA BN.         Irel Barrus, 80th Divis, 318th Regt, 2nd BN.
Tom Baublitz, 1st Army, 7th Armd, 738th Tank BN.         Bob Bee, 75th Divis, 291st Regt, 3rd BN, Co. L.
Richard Damon, 7th Armd Divis, HQ Co., Cmbt Cmd Resv.         Rudy Mello, 526th Armd Inf BN.
Clark Monroe, 18th Corp., 3435 Regt.         Denis Parsons, 101st AB Divis, 327th Glider Inf Regt, 2nd BN.
Lou Ravano, 18th Inf. Regt. 1st Inf. Div.         Russ Rodgers, 101st Divis, 502nd PIR, 2nd Co. F.
Edward Scott, 526 Armd Inf. BN, Co. B.         Mort Tallen, 75th Divis, HQ.        
Dean Woo, 3rd Inf Divis., 10th Field Hospital, Medic.         Phil Wallace, 101st AB Divis, 501st Regt, 3rd BN.
John Vassalo, 75th Inf Divis, 289th Regt, 3rd BN.