Rita Bral

Dual Citizenzhip Letter Endorsements

The following individuals have read and are endorsing the 22 July 2006 letter concerning Dual Citizenship by Hon. Rita Bral to Her Excellency Laurette Onkelinx.

To have your name added to this list please send email to ritabral@sr-corp.com, or to sanfrancisco@diplobel.org. Be sure to include your name, your city of residence in the US, your job title(optional), and your email address. We will add your name to this list as soon as possible; check this page in a few days to see the updated list of endorsers.
Note: Email addresses witheld to prevent spamming and for security reasons.

Date Received Name City, State Job Title (Optional)
23 July 2006Dirk De MolCupertino, CAPrincipal Architect
23 July 2006Carina VerbekeCupertino, CA 
23 July 2006Philippe JansenCupertino, CAMember Technical Staff
23 July 2006Bea VanneremCupertino, CA 
23 July 2006 Lena De KeselPalo Alto, CABelgian Club NC
23 July 2006Jan Vanhoutte Campbell, CASr. Software Engineer
23 July 2006Mark JacopsSunol, CA 
23 July 2006Sofie VandeputtePortola Valley, CATech Writer
23 July 2006Patricia Henning Oakland, CAMusician
23 July 2006Steve JohnsonOakland, CA 
23 July 2006Astrid Van Den Boogaerde San Francisco, CA 
23 July 2006Ina TesseurPalo Alto, CAResearcher
23 July 2006Paul LauwersCupertino, CAEngineer
23 July 2006Koen Van RompayDavis, CAFounder, Researcher
23 July 2006Anne de LovinfosseEl Cerrito, CAPsychologist
23 July 2006Micheline RennetteWalnut Creek, CA 
23 July 2006Jean RennetteWalnut Creek, CAPresident
23 July 2006Leslie DesaeyereMountain View, CAManufacturing Engineer
23 July 2006Eric PeetersFremont, CA 
23 July 2006Ann Ven ThielenFremont, CA 
23 July 2006Richard CallebautSan Anselmo, CACEO
23 July 2006Martine CallebautSan Anselmo, CA 
23 July 2006Pierre SmitSan Francisco, CAGeneral Manager
23 July 2006Ward VercruyssePortola Valley, CAFellow Researcher
23 July 2006Steven Verhaverbeke San Francisco, CAChief Technology
23 July 2006Caroline DiericxSan Francisco, CA 
23 July 2006Marc Vannlerberghe Sunnyvale, CACEO
23 July 2006Theo VerhoevenSunnyvale, CA 
23 July 2006Yves LermusiauxMill Valley, CAPresident
25 July 2006Felix TheeuwesCupertino, CACEO, Founder
25 July 2006Marie-Therese TheeuwesCupertino, CA 
25 July 2006Trudy VanhoveBelmont, CASr. Investment Manager
25 July 2006Guido ArnoutPalo Alto, CAChairman
25 July 2006Ria SimonsPalo Alto, CA 
25 July 2006Pieter ArnoutPalo Alto, CAEngineer
25 July 2006Kristien ArnoutPalo Alto, CA 
25 July 2006Robert A. BurgelmanPortola Valley, CAProfessor of Management, Stanford Business School
25 July 2006Rita BurgelmanPortola Valley, CADirector, Special Events Marketing
25 July 2006Anne MazaWalnut Creek, CA 
27 July 2006De Maere RudyBali, Indonesia 
27 July 2006Mark Van CriekingeSanta Clara, CA 
27 July 2006Tom LauwersPittsburgh, PA 
27 July 2006Henk AdriaenssensMountain ViewFinance Manager Tech
27 July 2006Philip InghelbrechtSan Francisco, CAStrategic Partnership Development
27 July 2006Harold DeblanderSan Francisco, CACEO
27 July 2006Filip MaesSan Mateo, CASecurity Specialist
27 July 2006Suzanne VandyckSanta Clara, CAInternational Chef
27 July 2006Tine Van CriekingeSanta Clara, CA 
27 July 2006Carina LevintoffNY, NYPartner
27 July 2006Geert Rillaerts  
27 July 2006Yvonne BuyambaNC 
27 July 2006Annette ChoynackiNY, NYDeputy Director
27 July 2006Muriel LibertWestmont, IL 
27 July 2006Liliane OpsomerForest Hills, NYPress & PR Manager
27 July 2006Alain PauwelsCapistrano-Beach, CABistro Owner
27 July 2006Manuele BouttiauCapistrano-Beach, CA 
27 July 2006Sacha PauwelsCapistrano-Beach, CA 
27 July 2006Thomas CrijnsCapistrano-Beach, CA 
27 July 2006Johan LeynenBrussel 
27 July 2006Catherine D'HaeseleerMiddletown, CT 
27 July 2006Marie Noelle MalevezWhittier, CA 
27 July 2006Christian NoirouxSanta Ana, CA 
27 July 2006Marie-Jeanne BastinAlamo, CATreasurer
27 July 2006Paul ClipWalnut Creek, CA 
27 July 2006Katrine ClipWalnut Creek, CA 
27 July 2006Frederique RaeymaekersNY, NYDirector North America
27 July 2006Christophe CrombezSan Francisco, CAProfessor
27 July 2006Christiane LionWest Hills, CA  
28 July 2006Sophie VandebroekPenfield, NYChief Technology Officer
28 July 2006Ilse GeukensNY, NY 
28 July 2006Yolande KarlssonLa Crescenta, CA 
28 July 2006Carina MichielsTrabuco Canyon, CA 
28 July 2006Alain MissoulSouthern, CAPresident
28 July 2006Christiane LionWest Hills, CA 
28 July 2006Jerome DelunePalo Alto, CA 
28 July 2006Tania RobijnRidgeland, MSCustomer Relations Supervisor
28 July 2006Jurgen LisonRaleigh, NC 
28 July 2006Carlos De KeukelaereMcKinney, TXNetwork Architect Principal
28 July 2006Hilde VerhaegenRaleigh, NC 
28 July 2006Sonja VaesRaleigh, NC 
28 July 2006Dirk CorsusRaleigh, NC 
28 July 2006Sylvia HevesiWashington DC 
28 July 2006Luce De PeuterAnnandale, VAAdministration
28 July 2006Oliver BurgelmanSF, CAReal Estate Broker
28 July 2006Stefan BurgelmanSF, CA 
28 July 2006Tarcis VerfaillieWest Los Angeles, CAOwner
28 July 2006Cecile FasuloBeacon, NY 
28 July 2006Anne-Marie SnoeckxWashington DC 
28 July 2006Genevieve Bax-MejiaCharlotte, NCEvent Coordinator
28 July 2006Michael DeluneLong Beach, CAJ.D.
28 July 2006Yves Miedzianogora  
28 July 2006Laurent DemuynckCooperstown, NYPresident
28 July 2006Inge De MeyFalls Church, VAInformation Officer
28 July 2006Faan DerganceDenver, COArchitect
28 July 2006Annie RahierToluca Lake, CA 
28 July 2006Tim ElebautBoulder, CO 
29 July 2006Francoise HanssensCorona, CA 
29 July 2006Arsene HanssensCorona, CA 
29 July 2006Jens PiferoenWashington, DC 
29 July 2006Geert PifereonBurtonsville, MD 
29 July 2006Marleen AmeyeBurtonsville, MD 
29 July 2006Alex BrutinSan Ramon, CA 
29 July 2006Pascal DropsyWestchester, CAPresident
29 July 2006Sandra Deroo TarletonRock Hill, SCPresident
29 July 2006Sarah H. Borry  
31 July 2006Sigrid BraeckeveldtMt Pleasant, SCCTC
31 July 2006Roland BorreyVilla Park, CACTO
31 July 2006Odette BorreyVilla Park, CA 
31 July 2006Cecile BorreyTampa, FL 
31 July 2006Sarah BorreySan Jose, CA 
31 July 2006Anne GlasrothNY 
31 July 2006Michel GuaetCanton, CT 
31 July 2006ADaniele Menache NY, NYManaging Director
31 July 2006Francoise MaertensRockville, MDCultural Officer
31 July 2006Bert KeuppensRockville 
31 July 2006Natalie KeuppensFalls Church 
31 July 2006Filip KeuppensDallas 
31 July 2006Rob MichielsLaguna Hills, CAPresident & Chief Operating Officer
31 July 2006Ria MichielsLaguna Hills, CA 
31 July 2006Nicolas MichielsLaguna Hills, CA 
31 July 2006Nathalie MichielsLaguna Hills, CA 
31 July 2006Jan A. Van MieghemEvanston, ILProfessor, Dean
31 July 2006Thomas RoosensArlington, VAICT-Staff
31 July 2006Inge KeuppensSunnyvale, CA 
31 July 2006Patricia DeleeuwLong Beach, CA 
31 July 2006Michel DeluneLong Beach, CA 
31 July 2006Jenny Mares OriChicago, Illinois 
31 July 2006Ilse DaemsLibertyville, IL 
31 July 2006Dirk WoutersLibertyville, IL Vice President
31 July 2006Rosa HendrickxSteuben, WIExecutive Officer
31 July 2006Jacques WelcheIrvine, CA 
31 July 2006Sandra Deroo TarletonRock Hill, SC 
31 July 2006Hilde VantiltIL 
31 July 2006Luc AbsillisRaleigh, NCPrincipal Engineer
01 August 2006Gina BruggemanMill Valley, CAProject Specialist
01 August 2006Geraldine Van RoieLong Beach, CA 
01 August 2006Annick MenacheBethesda, MD 
01 August 2006Micheline BorreyVilla Park, CA 
01 August 2006Rita Welche-De NeefIrvine, CA 
01 August 2006Sigrid Van BladelSan Francisco, CAPartner
01 August 2006Viviane PonsletMamaroneck, NY 
01 August 2006Mark KnaepsNewport Beach, California 
02 August 2006Mariane MaesGothenburg, NE 
02 August 2006Leo De Groof Gothenburg, NE 
02 August 2006Magda M. vanCleemputLos Altos Hills, CA 
02 August 2006William M. vanCleemputLos Altos Hills, CAPresident
02 August 2006Viveca Van BladelWestport, CT 
02 August 2006Bernard BedeurVallejo, CAPresident
02 August 2006Nikolaas BedeurVallejo, CA 
03 August 2006Stijn Van NieuwerburghNY, NYAssistant Professor
03 August 2006Bruno DenuitSeattle, WA 
03 August 2006Sylvie DenuitPalo Alto, CA 
03 August 2006Peter BouckaertHarare, ZimbabweSr. Emergencies Researcher
03 August 2006Christine BouckaertNovatoPh.D. Clinical Psychologist
03 August 2006Mikael BouckaertNY 
03 August 2006Joseph BouckaertNovatoManaging Director
03 August 2006Pierre BeaurangGreenbrae, CAAssociate Director
03 August 2006Jacques LawarreeSeattle, WAProfessor of Economics
03 August 2006Francoise BachyJackson, MS 
03 August 2006Wouter DesseinChicago, IL 
03 August 2006Didier de FontaineKensington, CAProfessor Emeritus
03 August 2006Anne de FontaineKensington, CA 
03 August 2006Eric Van den SteenBelmont, MA 
03 August 2006Lutgart Van ZeghbroeckChapel Hill, NC 
03 August 2006Jonathan GhyselsChapel Hill, NC 
03 August 2006Nicholas GhyselsChapel Hill, NC 
03 August 2006Eric GhyselsChapel Hill, NCProfessor
03 August 2006Prof. Lutgard C. De JongheLafayette, CAProfessor
03 August 2006Roosje DavidtsSan Jose, CADesign Engineer
03 August 2006Sabine GysensSan Francisco, CAPh.D. Psychologist
03 August 2006Gabriel GeorisCarmel, CASommelier
03 August 2006Anne De GheestLos Altos Hills, CACEO
03 August 2006Tom SchouwenaarsNew York, NY 
03 August 2006Tom De VreSan Jose, CA 
03 August 2006Jean-Pierre ColingeCarmichael, CAProfessor
03 August 2006Martijn MolletCrockett, CAPhotographer
03 August 2006Diane ChardomeMill Valley, CAGraphic Designer
04 August 2006Nancy AbsillisRaleigh, NCMother
04 August 2006Brigitte CallayBloomsburg, PAProfessor Emeritus
04 August 2006Vanessa JorionIrvine, CAStudent
04 August 2006Philippe JamotteRedwood City, CASr Technical Solutions Manager
04 August 2006John MolletRiver Vale, NJVice President International Copper Association
04 August 2006Monique MolletRiver Vale, NJMSW, Director Hospice and Oncology
04 August 2006Karine BoeykensFremont, CA 
04 August 2006Bert BruggemanFremont, CAGeneral Manager
04 August 2006Frank DellaertAtlanta, GAAssistant Professor
04 August 2006Dieter VanwalleKortrijk (Belgium)Cuisinier
04 August 2006Thomas DenotteBornem, BelgiumTechnical Leader
04 August 2006Nathalie BlommaertsBornem, BelgiumPsychologist
04 August 2006Dirk VanwalleKortrijk (Belgium) 
04 August 2006Ihengsi HoSan Mateo, CA 
04 August 2006Marc PollefeysChapel Hill, NCAssociate Professor
04 August 2006Philippe JorionIrvine, CAProfessor
04 August 2006Gert LanckrietSan Diego, CAProfessor
04 August 2006Peter SmeysMountain View, CA 
04 August 2006Korina De BruyneSan Jose, CAMD
04 August 2006Paul JorionSanta Monica, CA Ingenieur financier
04 August 2006Stephane H. MaesFremont CADirector of Architecture
04 August 2006Godelieve MertensMenlo Park, CASenior Consultant
04 August 2006Sophie RosseelMenlo Park, CA 
04 August 2006Matthias RosseelMenlo Park, CA 
04 August 2006Cedric GovaertsSF, CAPh.D. Researcher
04 August 2006Pierre LeclercqMill Valley, CARepresenting Wallonia Region
04 August 2006Michael DauchotSan Francisco, CAM.D.
04 August 2006Eric H. DenysSan Francisco, CAM.D.
04 August 2006Sonja S. DeclercqMenlo Park, CAM.D.
04 August 2006Magda VerbeelenLubbeek, Belgium 
04 August 2006Bart FeysMacomb, MIInternational Sales Manager
04 August 2006Thomas DelrueSeattle, WASoftware Engineer
04 August 2006Charlotte JourdainSan Francisco, CADeputy Director
04 August 2006Natacha BachrechPalo Alto, CALibrarian
04 August 2006Wim CoekaertsBelmont, CAVice President
04 August 2006Natalie JorionSan Diego, CA 
04 August 2006Akira TeraoCupertino, CA 
04 August 2006Pascale FrancisCupertino, CA 
04 August 2006Tanguy De MaereNorfolk, VA 
04 August 2006Beatrice LannoyeNorfolk, VA 
05 August 2006Geert VerbauwenZwalm, Belgium 
05 August 2006Josephine Van Oostveldt-IanniWilliamsburg, VA 
05 August 2006Dominique MartinVirginia Beach, VA 
05 August 2006Vanessa LemahieuPalo Alto, CAResearch Scientist
05 August 2006Daniel BoursSan Bruno, CAKinesitherapeute
06 August 2006Sonia SuysVirginia Beach, VAM.D. General Surgeon
06 August 2006Stefaan BraemNorfolk, VAVP Operations
07 August 2006Marie EeckhoutKortrijk, Belgium 
07 August 2006An Van de WalGreenbelt, MD 
07 August 2006Mathieu FoquetRedwood city, CAResearch Scientist
07 August 2006Jacques BouchezHouston, TXHonorary Consul
07 August 2006Carine Lion-GregoireHouston, TXHonorary Vice Consul
07 August 2006Wim HoxSan Francisco, CABusiness Development
07 August 2006Manuel GheeraertMilpitas, CAStaff IC Design Engineer
07 August 2006Marc MadouIrvine, CaProfessor
07 August 2006Marleen Madou-De CokerePalo Alo, CALibrarian
07 August 2006Ramses MadouSan Francisco, CA 
07 August 2006Maura MadouNew York, NY 
07 August 2006Gaetan CarpentierVirginia Beach, VANATO Staff Member
07 August 2006Mimi VerhulstNorfolk, VAHonorary Consul of Belgium
07 August 2006Lucienne LambertVirginia Beach, VA 
07 August 2006Simon MairiauxVirginia Beach, VA 
07 August 2006Kristina LaneseMill Valley, CA 
07 August 2006Gaston GeorisCarmel, CAProfessor
08 August 2006Rita GermeysDelray Beach, FL 
08 August 2006Donat BarbeLos Angeles, CAArtist
08 August 2006Gilbert BarbeDelray Beach, FLRetired Navy Officer
08 August 2006Martine SmetsRedmond, WASystems Engineer
08 August 2006Muriel RedouteLos Angeles, CAMarketing Manager
08 August 2006Patricia defechereuxSan Francisco, CASenior Research Associate
08 August 2006Jef CaersStanford, CA Associate Professor
08 August 2006Petra MolletBrussels, Belgium 
08 August 2006Mia CarremansThousand Oaks, CA 
08 August 2006Aagje MonteleoneDeerfield Beach, FLFront Office Manager
08 August 2006Alain LeclouxSan Francisco, CA 
10 August 2006Guy OrbanPiedmont, CAOwner, Kiss that frog, Inc.
10 August 2006Marie-France Nizet Professors of language & literature
10 August 2006Vincent Pilette Finance VP
10 August 2006Ludo Van Caenegem Researcher
10 August 2006Peter ThoenSan Francisco, CAApplication Support Manager
10 August 2006Cyril YansouniPebble Beach, CACorporate Director
10 August 2006Jeanne YansouniPebble Beach, CA 
10 August 2006Judit Van CaenegemSan Jose, CA 
10 August 2006Christiane M.J. Simmons-JacobsVirginia Beach, VA 
10 August 2006Tim Van HerckKapellen, BelgiumTechnical Marketing Engineer
10 August 2006Dave SneydersSan Francisco, CASr. Product Manager
10 August 2006Johan WillekensSan Rafael, CASr Software Engineer
10 August 2006Roger Van OuytselBerkeley ,CAArtist-Fine Arts Painter
10 August 2006Vanka Van OuytselSan Francisco, CASound Engineer-Disk Jockey
10 August 2006Bert BruggemanFremont, CAGeneral Manager
10 August 2006Gitta Steegmans-TurelinckxSan Jose, CASr.Corporate Controller
11 August 2006Radmila MoranNorfolk, VA 
11 August 2006Lies QuintynOntario, CanadaAdmissions Officer
11 August 2006Guido J DeboeckArlingto, VARetired - World Bank
11 August 2006Hennie I Deboeck-De ZutterArlingto, VARetired - World Bank
11 August 2006Maria TindemansOkemos, MI 
11 August 2006Willy De GeyndtMiddletown, VAProfessor, Georgetown University
11 August 2006Nuzhat Sultan-Khan-RosseelWashington, DC 
11 August 2006Bruno JeurissenFalls Church, VASocial Secretary
11 August 2006Martine WautersAlexandria, VAWorld Bank Staff
11 August 2006Luc EveraertWashington DCEconomist
11 August 2006Wim FonteyneAlexandria, VA 
11 August 2006Ruth GoormanMcLean, VAFinance Assistant
11 August 2006Raf SchepersBaltimore, MDPh. D. , NIH Researcher
11 August 2006Sylvia SpruyttePalo Alto, CAEngineer
11 August 2006Frank SteegmansSan Jose, CASr. Software Architect
11 August 2006Nicholas GhyselsChapel Hill, NCStudent & Retail
11 August 2006Adrien GoormanMcLean, VAConsultant
11 August 2006Michele R. JankaWashington, DCBusiness Owner
11 August 2006Koen Van WinckelReston, VABusiness Development
11 August 2006Greetje EveraertWashington DCEconomist
11 August 2006Hermine PeetersFalls Church, VAAdministration Officer
11 August 2006Theresa SteverlynckFalls Church, VAInternational Consultant, Social Sciences
11 August 2006Elisabeth JacqmottePortland, OR 
11 August 2006Niel Piferoen Los Angeles, CA 
11 August 2006Didier StainierSan Francisco, CAProfessor of Biochemistry
11 August 2006Bart De Saegher Middleton, MIDairy Farmer
11 August 2006Filip LonckeEarlysville, VAAssistant Professor
11 August 2006Anton MaesAvon, OHEngineer
11 August 2006Marie-Christine BastinOakland, CATeacher
14 August 2006Ravinder MohanVirginia Beach, VAMD Ph.D, Associate Professor
14 August 2006Eliane Neukermans-aernoudtPortola Valley, CAretired high school Teacher
14 August 2006Luc DeBockParkland ,FLConstruction Manager
14 August 2006Hilda DeBockParkland ,FL 
14 August 2006Alex De ConinckCoconut Creek, FLHard- & Software Consultant
14 August 2006Peter SmeysMountain View, CA 
14 August 2006Rik DerynckSan Mateo, CAProfessor and Co-Director
14 August 2006Marc LeydeckerHampton, VAAnalyst Programmer
14 August 2006Diane BastinAlexandria, VAManagement Consultant
14 August 2006Luc De WulfArlington, VARetired World Bank Staff
14 August 2006Lieve De WulfArlington, VAConsultant with the World Bank
14 August 2006Bernadette Goovaerts MusselwhiteBethesda, MDEconomic Developer
14 August 2006Geert Van BrandtBethesda, MD 
14 August 2006Ada Piferoen WangLos angeles, CA 
14 August 2006Leslie Van BrandtBethesda, MD 
14 August 2006Sarah Van BrandtBethesda, MD 
14 August 2006Jacob Van BrandtBethesda, MD 
14 August 2006Dirk LaceurBuford, GA 
14 August 2006Dirk CorsusRaleigh, NCVice President
14 August 2006Sonja VaesRaleigh NCHome maker
14 August 2006Tom CorsusRaleigh NCHigh School Student - Senior
14 August 2006Maarten CorsusRaleigh NCHigh School Student - Junior
14 August 2006Nicolas FobeCabin John, MDAttorney
14 August 2006Jacques De WaeleSilver Spring, MDNat’l & Int’l Sales
14 August 2006Gerda De CorteOakton, VA 
14 August 2006Wouter Bossu Washington DCCounsel
14 August 2006Leen QuintynFalls Church, VAStudent
14 August 2006Greet De KeyserWashington DCJournalist
14 August 2006Koen GoormanPittsford, NYDivisional VP
14 August 2006Nathalie J. JacqmottePortland, ORMedical Doctor
14 August 2006Benoît JacqmotteSilver Spring, MDAttorney at Law
14 August 2006Marianne Van CaenegemVichte, BegiumProfessor
14 August 2006Luc DejonckheereVienna VAPrincipal Investment Officer
15 August 2006Henriette BlanckeManassas, VA 
15 August 2006Pierre WerbrouckCerrillos, NMAgricultural economist
15 August 2006Dominique Samyn-WerbrouckCerrillos, NMFine Artist
15 August 2006Jan BovéBethesda, MD 
15 August 2006Philippe ScheerlinckLakewood, COGlobal Account Manager
15 August 2006Helena BunkensLakewood, COGlobal Marketing Manager
15 August 2006Maria TindemansOkemos, MI 
15 August 2006Philippe RensonFoster City, CAReal Estate Appraiser
15 August 2006Carlo CloetMillbrae, CAPrincipal Engineer
15 August 2006Filip Van PetegemSan Francisco, CAPostdoctoral Researcher in Biochemistry
16 August 2006Maaike BarbeBoynton Beach, FL 
16 August 2006Jan Van BruaeneSan Jose, CASenior Applications Engineer
16 August 2006Inge A. DeWulfArlington, VARegional Senior Program Officer - Africa
16 August 2006Filip Keuppens Director of Sales
16 August 2006Kristel RiddervoldCovesville, VAEnvironmental Administration
16 August 2006Luc Van de PerreSanta Clara, CAVP of Marketing
16 August 2006Gabriel Thibaut de MaisieresSan Francisco, CAMarriage and Family Therapist
16 August 2006Antoine TarweSan Jose, CAProduct Marketing Engineer
16 August 2006Iske BarbePompano Beach, FLSales Rep
16 August 2006Martine SchepersSunnyvale, CASW Engineer
16 August 2006Bruno KranzenPalo Alto, CA 
17 August 2006Kristin De RidderRockville, MDArchitect
17 August 2006Michel Van LaereGoochland, VAAnalyst Programmer
18 August 2006Patrick HinderdaelMcLean, VA Division Chief, International Monetary Fund
18 August 2006Els ForgerMcLean, VA Regional Procurement Manager, World Bank
18 August 2006Klaas HinderdaelMcLean, VA Student
18 August 2006Lisa HinderdaelMcLean, VA Student
18 August 2006Katrien HinderdaelMcLean, VA Student
18 August 2006Johan CasierSan Jose, CASoftware Architect
18 August 2006Els PainePrinceton, NJMarketing Consultant
18 August 2006Anniek De WittePalo Alto, CAR&D Scientist
18 August 2006Jacques De WaeleSilver Spring, MDNat’l & Int’l Sales
18 August 2006Els PeetersMountain View, CAScientist
19 August 2006Maximilien VolckaertSan Francisco, CABotanist/Designer
19 August 2006Rina Shelly OridSan Francisco, CAWriter
19 August 2006Rudy PriemRockville, MDDirector Belgian Military Supply Office in D.C.
19 August 2006Sabine VAN KETSRockville, MDHousewife
19 August 2006Magalie PriemRockville, MDStudent
19 August 2006Anthony PriemRockville, MDStudent
20 August 2006Jan M. RabaeyBerkeley, CAProfessor
20 August 2006Kathelijn RabaeyBerkeley, CAAccountant
21 August 2006Armand NeukermansPortola Valley , CA Consultant
21 August 2006Wim VerhaertSunnyvale,CAQA Manager
21 August 2006Goedele GulikersCollege Park, MDProfessor
22 August 2006August CoomansOudenaarde, BelgiumProfessor
22 August 2006Luc Desmedt Walnut Creek, CA Professor
22 August 2006Peter CatryssePalo Alto, CAPh.D.
22 August 2006Serge GuzyAlbany,CAPh.d. President POP-PHARM
22 August 2006Christina DemeesterToronto, On CanadaCertified Life Coach
22 August 2006Pieter VersavelPalo Alto, CASr. Technical Yahoo
23 August 2006Charlotte VersavelPalo Alto, CA 
23 August 2006Brigitte ClaesAntwerpen, BelgiumAnesthesiologist
23 August 2006Annie ZaenenEmerald HillsResearcher
23 August 2006Pieter MattelaerBerkeley, CABuilding Engineer
23 August 2006Pierre Emile G. EtienneIndianapolis, INMD, President and Chief Executive Officer
23 August 2006Luc PoppeCastro Valley, CAEngineering Consultant
24 August 2006Hendrik A. VerfaillieNaples, FL 
24 August 2006Geert KeirseIeper, Belgium 
24 August 2006Verhelst MarijkeIeper, BelgiumNurse
24 August 2006Etienne HuygheOntario, Canada 
24 August 2006Diane Huyghe-DriessensOntario, Canada 
24 August 2006Helga Aps-D'AgostaHackettstown, NJ 
24 August 2006Filip VerfaillieNY,NYVice President Citigroup
25 August 2006Siska PhlipsMillbrae, CAStudent Affairs Officer, UCB
25 August 2006Guido Krickx Associate Dean
25 August 2006Francis DeblauweStreamwood, ILArchaeologist
25 August 2006Katrien Vander StraetenBoston, MAWriter
25 August 2006Noel B. SalazarPhiladelphia, PAResearcher
25 August 2006Alain BoutefeuOakland CASenior cartographer
25 August 2006Kewal AsosinghCleveland, OHDepartment Pathobiology
25 August 2006Jan SysmansSunnyvale, CA Director Product Management
25 August 2006Denis WirtzBaltimore, MDProfessor, Associate Director
25 August 2006Jeroen Van den BosscheWest Lafayette, INGraduate Student
25 August 2006An Vandekerkhove-DesaegerPennsylvania, USABS Holistic Nutrition, Assistant Gardener
25 August 2006Johan DesaegerPennsylvania, USADoctor in Nematology/Research Biologist
25 August 2006Igna Van den VeyverHouston, TXAssociate Professor
25 August 2006Peter SteenkistePittsburgh 
25 August 2006Didier KeymeulenPasadena, CA 
25 August 2006Wim LeemansAlbany, CA Sr. Scientist, Program Head
25 August 2006Thierry BoucqueyHuntington Beach, CAAssociate Dean of Faculty and Professor of French and Humanities
25 August 2006Ivo BolsensSan Jose, CAVice President
25 August 2006Hans-Willem SnoeckNY, NYMD, PhD, Associate Professor
25 August 2006Philippe blockCambridge, MAPhD student
25 August 2006Joseph E BinardApollo Beach, FLMD FRCSC, Urologist
25 August 2006Catherine TasnierHouston, TXGraduate Program Administrator
25 August 2006Hugo J BellenHouston, TXProfessor in Developmental Biology
26 August 2006Rita Van LandeghemToronto, Ontario, CanadaRetired Instructor French
26 August 2006Ingrid TierensNY, NYVice President
26 August 2006Johan P. VergultHouston, TXSr. Immigration Paralegal
26 August 2006Lut Van DammeWashington, DCResearch Scientist, Associate Professor
26 August 2006Robert DeKeyserUniversity Park, MDProfessor
26 August 2006Anne Catherine DelmellePittsburgh, PAFrench Teacher
26 August 2006Dirk MichielsHouston, TxTechnology Executive
26 August 2006Vee DierickxHouston, TxBusiness Owner
26 August 2006Wouter BoudrezSacramento, CANetwork Engineer
26 August 2006Diederik VervarckeHuntington BeachConsultant
26 August 2006George AdriaenssensAtlanta, GA 
26 August 2006Gaby AdriaenssensAtlanta, GA 
26 August 2006Annette LeemansAlbany, CA 
26 August 2006Greta De MeyerCleveland Heights, OH 
26 August 2006Walter LambrechtCleveland Heights, OHProfessor of Physics
26 August 2006Rommens GerardineDeinze, BegiumRetired
26 August 2006Claudine de RamaixKingwood, TXCivil Engineer
26 August 2006Maxim AdejumoHouston, TX 
26 August 2006William LeMaireMiami, FLMD, Emeritus Professor
26 August 2006Anne LeMaireMiami, FLRetired Teacher
26 August 2006Martine VanryckeghemOrlando, FLUniversity Professor
26 August 2006Bruno VanzieleghemPlymouth, MITechnical Program Manager
26 August 2006Luk VandenberghePhiladelphia, PAResearcher
26 August 2006Marijke DevosDavis, CATeacher
26 August 2006Bruno NachtergaeleDavis, CAProfessor
26 August 2006Bruno PypendopVacaville, CAAssistant Professor
26 August 2006Sonia le JeuneVacaville, CALecturer
26 August 2006Koen VenkenHouston, TXGraduate Student
26 August 2006Steven VromantSan Antonio, TXEngineering Student
26 August 2006Anne Burke-BenoitSedona, AZFormerly, Belgian Consulate, NY
26 August 2006David Burke-BenoitSedona, AZ 
26 August 2006Dr. Jean-Pierre BexCanyon Lake, TXRetired
26 August 2006Theo LippeveldBelmont, MAPublic Health Physician
26 August 2006Kristin LorentPhiladelphia, PAResearcher
26 August 2006Daan De BrouckereNaperville, ILSenior Manager
26 August 2006Francois M. de VisscherGreenwich , CTDirector
26 August 2006Jill Demers (De Brouckere)Naperville, ILVeterinarian
26 August 2006Hilde SNOECKXPace, FLAdjunct Instructor
26 August 2006Michael AmyRochester, NYPh.D., Associate Professor of Art History, Rochester Institute of Technology
26 August 2006Peter AdriaensAnn Arbor MIPh.D. P.E., Professor
26 August 2006Andre Alfons DhondtIthaca, NYProfessor
26 August 2006Christine Jacobs-WagnerHamden, CTAssociate Professor
26 August 2006Magda VandenbusscheHouston, TXRealtor
26 August 2006Nico GaloppoChapel Hill, NCPh. D. Student Computer Graphics
26 August 2006Frans Ryckebosch Boston ,MAProfessor
26 August 2006Gemma DesmetBoston,MASr. Executive Assistant
26 August 2006Nathalie PadillaRoyal Oak, MIHomemaker
26 August 2006Dirk De CanckDallas, TXPrincipal Architect
26 August 2006Leen VandesandeDallas, TXLead Esthetician
26 August 2006Phil Van der meerenMississauga. CanadaRetired
26 August 2006Adeline Van der meerenMississauga. CanadaRetired
26 August 2006Matthias TroffaesDurham, EnglandLecturer in Statistics
26 August 2006Sabine PermentierDurham, England 
26 August 2006Luc De BrouckereLexington, MAProfessor and President IB Management
26 August 2006Jan D. VromantCanton, MISolution Architect
26 August 2006Mark VilrokxSan Mateo, CAApplications Architect
26 August 2006Wim De SutterAtlanta, GAR&D engineer
27 August 2006Bart Van CompernolleLos Angeles, CAResearcher
27 August 2006J. Chris LauwersMountain View, CAChief Product and Technology Officer
27 August 2006Antonia ArnaertMontreal, CanadaAssistant Professor
27 August 2006Philippe DutermeBellaire, TX 
27 August 2006Francoise DutermeBellaire, TX 
27 August 2006Jean BoddewynNew York, NYProfessor of International Business
27 August 2006Luc DevroyeMontreal, CanadaProfessor
27 August 2006Beatrice Van NuffelMontreal, CanadaSpeech Pathologist
27 August 2006Eva M. TopTroy, IDAssociate Professor
27 August 2006Pierre MoulinUrbana, ILProfessor
27 August 2006Lutgarde RaskinAnn Arbor, MIProfessor
27 August 2006Brigitte DoneuxNinole, Hi 
27 August 2006Frederic A. RasioEvanston, ILProfessor
27 August 2006Andrea UyttendaeleColorado Srpings, CO
27 August 2006Hugo StrubbeYorktown Heights, NYTranslator
27 August 2006Louis AdejumoHouston, TXStudent
27 August 2006Greet GodaertWellington, FLDaycare Provider
28 August 2006KATRIEN VAN DER SCHUERENLos Angeles, CAGallery Owner
28 August 2006WOUTER DE BEUCKELAERLos Angeles, CASales Manager
28 August 2006Anne BuyleTucson, AZChemist
28 August 2006Raoul DextersPhiladelphia, PAMarketing Director
28 August 2006Peter GrandsardThousand Oaks, CABiopharma R&D
28 August 2006Eliane LevaqueBaton Rouge, LA 
28 August 2006Sabine RhodesHouston, TXOffice Manager
28 August 2006Jacques E. BouchezHouston TXPresident & COO, Honorary Consul Texas
28 August 2006Kate de BethuneWaltham, MAManager, International Direct Marketing
28 August 2006Jorn VangoidtsenhovenAustin, TXIT manager
28 August 2006Johan LiebensPensacola, FLProfessor
28 August 2006Michel MuylleHouston, TX Lead Surface Facilities 
28 August 2006Kathy MartensNew York, NYVP Marketing & Client Service
28 August 2006Joris LambrechtCleveland Heights, OHStudent
28 August 2006Rita KempLouisianaFrench Teacher
28 August 2006Christelle ThompsonBaton Rouge, LaPYP Coordinator, Instructor of French
28 August 2006Paul De CockDallas, TXPresident
28 August 2006Michel WoutersRamsey, NJPresident
28 August 2006Sophie WarnyBaton Rouge, LAPh.D., Education Director
28 August 2006Filip De CorteWest Windsor, NJPh.D., Patent Attorney
28 August 2006Nadine De LeeuwKapellen, BelgiumFinance Manager
28 August 2006Rika JolieKalamazoo, MI 
28 August 2006Ilse MeganckQuebec, CanadaHome day care provider
28 August 2006Frank Van den HeuvelLeuven BelgiumScientist, Professor
28 August 2006Tom SerroelsZulte, BelgiumIT consultant
28 August 2006Kurt HeungensMerelbeke, BelgiumPh.D., Research Associate
28 August 2006Catherine VervischKenosha, WIHigh School Teacher
28 August 2006Wim D'HaezeSan Diego, CAScience Writer II
28 August 2006Helga Van MiegroetNorth Logan, UTAssociate Professor, Utah State University
28 August 2006Josette WoutersIndianapolis, INRN, PhD, BC, Assistant Professor
28 August 2006Jan VandenbrandeSammamish, WAAssociate Technical Fellow
28 August 2006Wim J. LauriksLos Altos, CABusiness Owner
28 August 2006Helene Simonet LauriksLos Altos, CACFO
28 August 2006Johan StoopKennett Square, PASenior Research Scientist
28 August 2006Frans J. Van de VeldeBoston, MAM.D., Dept. of Surgery, Harvard University
28 August 2006Sandra StrubbeYorktown Heights, NYTranslator
28 August 2006Jan CamiMountain View, CAResearch Scientist
28 August 2006Koen SeghersGarland, TX 
28 August 2006Rita SeghersTemple, TX 
28 August 2006Matthew SeghersGarland, TX 
28 August 2006Andrew SeghersGarland, TX 
28 August 2006Emily SeghersGarland, TX 
28 August 2006Erik SeghersGarland, TX 
28 August 2006Victor SeghersTemple, TX 
28 August 2006Julian SeghersTemple, TX 
28 August 2006Viktor SeghersTemple, TX 
28 August 2006Arlette VerstraetenFort Worth, TXTranslator
28 August 2006Suzanne Kucera-Van den HeuvelArlington, TXRestaurant Owner
28 August 2006Eric Van den BrandenDallas, TXCEO
28 August 2006Monique HoevenDallas, TXInterior Designer
28 August 2006Isabelle Wanlin-HocquetPlano, TX 
28 August 2006Olivier MoreteauBaton Rouge, LAProfessor
28 August 2006Michel HocquetPlano, TXSenior Manager
28 August 2006Isabelle Callens-ShiraziBaton Rouge, LAProfessor
28 August 2006Cristina BouchezKingwood, TX 
28 August 2006Bart DekeyserDallas, TXFinancial Planning Manager
28 August 2006Inge CarsonDallas, TX 
28 August 2006Jan DeSmetIrving, TXPresident
28 August 2006Marina DeSmetIrving, TXAccountant
29 August 2006Hugo JanssensAntwerp, Belgium 
29 August 2006Sofie DelgadoFlower Mound, TX 
29 August 2006Mark DierckxsensNesconset, NYResearcher
29 August 2006David LaffineuseAvon Lake, OHEngineering Manager
29 August 2006Laura LaffineuseAvon Lake, OH 
29 August 2006Nicolas LaffineuseAvon Lake, OH 
29 August 2006Mia LaffineuseAvon Lake, OH 
29 August 2006Paul De WeerPhiladelphiaProfessor
29 August 2006Maria D'HooghePhiladelphiaLecturer (retired)
29 August 2006Ian RobberechtsChicago, ILDeputy Investment Director
29 August 2006Bruno SoenenYork, PACash Manager
29 August 2006Jan OffnerGainesville, TXTrade Commissioner
29 August 2006Claudia OffnerGainesville, TX 
29 August 2006Michael OffnerGainesville, TX 
29 August 2006Colette DuysensBaton Rouge, Louisiana 
29 August 2006Fabienne Ottoy-PaynterPlano, TXVice President
29 August 2006Jacques PauwelsBrantford/Ont., CanadaPh.D., Historian
29 August 2006Christine M. DebouckWayne, PAPh.D., Senior Vice President Research
29 August 2006Machteld LokereHaarlem (Netherlands)Analyst
29 August 2006Didier Chavet Santa Rosa, CA IT Director
29 August 2006Nathalie JanssenWalnut Creek, CA 
29 August 2006Elsie De LaereAlbany, CATeacher
29 August 2006Caroline VangriekenDallas, TXStudent
29 August 2006Alice AustinArlington, Texas 
29 August 2006Marc BeckRichardson TXMSE, MBA, PMI, Project Manager
29 August 2006Veronique De Jaegher San Geronimo CaliforniaArtist
29 August 2006Jan AertsTerrell, TXRetired
29 August 2006Marie MosbeuxArlington, TXTeacher
29 August 2006Wim A. Van der StedeLondon, UKProfessor
29 August 2006Frank J.M. VerstraeteDavis, CAProfessor, UC Davis
29 August 2006Dominique HanssensLos Angeles, CAProfessor
29 August 2006Stijn CattaertSanta Cruz, CATechnical Service Representative Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.
29 August 2006Kevin VerstrepenCambridge, MAHarvard Fellow
29 August 2006Noel B. SalazarPhiladelphia, PAResearcher
29 August 2006Jan SmalleLexington, KYAssistant Professor
29 August 2006Paul GeptsDavis, CAProfessor of Plant Science, UC Davis
29 August 2006Marc QuintynFalls Church, VAAdvisor - International Monetary Fund
29 August 2006Chris ParedisAtlanta, GAAssistant Professor
29 August 2006Dimitri DeserrannoGrantham NHEngineer
29 August 2006Erik VanmarckePrinceton, New JerseyProfessor, Princeton University
29 August 2006Bob JanssensHollywood, FLSenior Software Engineer
29 August 2006Luc Van KaerNashville, TNProfessor, Vanderbilt University
29 August 2006Willem TahonNew York, NYInformation Security Officer
29 August 2006Catherine CornilleDudley, MAProfessor of Comparative Theology
29 August 2006Steven Van DesselTroy, NYProfessor
29 August 2006Chaoxing YangTroy NYBiologist
29 August 2006Dr. Stijn De LangheLos Angeles, CA 
29 August 2006Bart De TaeyeNashville, TNPh.D., Research Fellow
29 August 2006Bertrand Janne d'OthéeBoston, MAMD, Physician, Interventional Radiologist, Instructor in Radiology, Harvard Medical School
29 August 2006Sandrine PirardBoston, MAPhysician
29 August 2006Alexander HoLos Angeles, CAConsultant
29 August 2006André De TienneIndianapolisAssociate Professor of Philosophy, Associate Director and Editor
29 August 2006Nicolas PauwelsChicagoQuantitative Portfolio Manager
29 August 2006Anna Regina Pauwels - ZanettinChicagoFinancial Analyst
29 August 2006Louis Dupre  
29 August 2006Geert Jan WilmsJackson, TNProfessor & Chair
29 August 2006Hendrickx Marie-LouiseSan Antonio, TexasMassage Therapist
29 August 2006Bernard HalletBainbridge Island, WashingtonProfessor
29 August 2006Marc HalletBrewster, WashingtonWildlife Manager
29 August 2006Emmanuel BuysBoston, MassachusettsResearch Scientist
29 August 2006Chris G. Van de WalleSanta Barbara, CAProfessor at the University of California, Santa Barbara
29 August 2006Jordi SanderAtlanta, GAProduct Manager
29 August 2006Frank TibackxCosta Mesa, CASAP Logistics Independent Contractor
29 August 2006Luc WathieuCarlisle, MAAssociate Professor
29 August 2006Luc KerkhofRaleigh, NC 
29 August 2006Peter Kerkhof Raleigh, NC 
29 August 2006Edouard BustinBostonProfessor of Political Science Boston University
29 August 2006Hans Van MiegroetDurham NCProfessor and Chair of the Department of Art, Art History and Visual Cultures, Duke University
29 August 2006Griet Van MiegroetDurham NCDirector of Extended Day Services and Summer, Programs, Durham Academy
29 August 2006Koen VenkenHouston, TXGraduate student
29 August 2006Norbert Van LooShelton, CT 
29 August 2006Karin Van LooShelton, CT 
29 August 2006Patrik VerstrekenHouston, TXResearcher
29 August 2006Bert DebusschereTracy, CAScientist at DOE National Lab
29 August 2006Jan ReyndersBradenton, FLCTO NetPlan LLC
29 August 2006Theresa SteverlynckFalls Church, VA 
29 August 2006Antonia ArnaertMontreal, CanadaAssistant Professor, School of Nursing, McGill University
29 August 2006Peter A. VanrolleghemQuebec, CanadaProfesseur titulaire at Université Laval
29 August 2006Kristiaan LokereWestford, MADesign Manager
29 August 2006Nancy Van DriesscheHouston, TexasPostdoctoral Fellow
29 August 2006Marc P BinardAbaco, BahamasMedical Doctor
29 August 2006Yves GIOTHouston, TXManaging Consultant
29 August 2006Kristel VercauterenChicago, ILGraduate Student
29 August 2006Freddy De PuesBaton Rouge, LA 
29 August 2006Dominique Vincent GoubauQuebec, CANADALaw Professor
29 August 2006Joost J Vlassak Professor, Harvard University, Cambridge
29 August 2006Christine Romain FerrellNatchitoches, Louisiana 
29 August 2006Anne-Marie BlancquaertHanover, IndianaMicrobiology Specialist
29 August 2006Bart LipkensHampden, MAAssociate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
29 August 2006Jose FlahauxSan Jose, CASVP Operations
29 August 2006Anne Marie BarbasonSan Jose, CA Accountant
29 August 2006Anne BastingsBrookeville, MDFrench Teacher
29 August 2006Anne Callens GilbertWest Monroe, LAArt teacher
29 August 2006Bram LambrechtBerkeley, CA 
29 August 2006Rein LambrechtCleveland HeightsStudent
29 August 2006Karin DespiegelaereDestin FLPhysical Therapist
29 August 2006Sylvia RatnasamyBerkeley, CASenior Researcher
29 August 2006Niels KlitgordJamaica Plain, MABioinformatic Analyst
29 August 2006Christophe Van den BultePhiladelphia, PAAssociate professor
29 August 2006Madeleine Bochner-DiezDelray Beach, FL 
29 August 2006Bart GeertsLaramie, WYProfessor, University of Wyoming
29 August 2006Erwin VanhaeckeAledo, TXVice-President Corporate QA Pharmaceuticals/Consumer Products
29 August 2006Melissa MelonSan Jose, CANurse
29 August 2006E DekkersNew York, NYPresident, Dekkers International inc
29 August 2006Marleen ChanSan Jose,CAOEM Sales Operations Manager
29 August 2006Johan VermeirDallas, TXIT Manager
29 August 2006Tom VandyckSomerville, MAJournalist
29 August 2006Van lancker Julien Prof. Emeritus UCLA
29 August 2006Tine Van Den Hende Levine Arlington, VaLanguage Research Assistant IMF
29 August 2006Michel RG Van HeePlano, TXCEO
29 August 2006Karine Debeil Van HeePlano, TX 
29 August 2006Pauline Van HeePlano, TXStudent
29 August 2006Yves ClootsKingwood, TXEngineer
29 August 2006Jean-Francois Van HueleProvo, UTPhysicist
29 August 2006Sabine ClootsQueensland - AustraliaOptometrist
29 August 2006Martine De TollenaereLong Valley, NJHouse Wife
29 August 2006Alexander VernimmenSan Rafael, CA 
29 August 2006Jacques KustersHouston, TXTeacher
29 August 2006Isabelle KustersHouston, TXStudent
29 August 2006Ans De BrouckereLexington, MA 
29 August 2006Jurgen SegaertPhoenix, AZManager
30 August 2006Jean-Francois TEMPELSLouvain la Neuve, BelgiumLegal Adviser, Belgian Federal Administration
30 August 2006Philippe de MarchinAllen, TXRetired Electronics Engineer & Business Executive
30 August 2006Janine de MarchinAllen, TXRetired, former French Professor
30 August 2006Gerrit DispersynPennington, NJPh. D., Vice President, Portfolio Management
30 August 2006Constantino SchillebeeckxSt. Louis, MOGraduate Student
30 August 2006Kathleen Van den HaeseveldeAledo, TX 
30 August 2006Nele GheldofWorcester, MAPostdoctoral Research Fellow
30 August 2006Raymond RoelsFort Worth, TX 
30 August 2006Alain RoelsCoppell, TXAutomation Server Engineer
30 August 2006Christiane VertruyenOntario, Canada 
30 August 2006Philippe PierquinSan Diego, CAProcurement Manager
30 August 2006Francine MarmenoutBoston, MA 
30 August 2006Roselyne HazardLabadie, MOLCSW, Adults and Children Therapist
30 August 2006YVON ROBERTSharjah, IndiaGeneral Manager
30 August 2006Jennifer VromantWaco, TXManagement/Marketing Student
30 August 2006Alexander D'HoogheCambridge, MAAssistant Professor in Architecture and Urbanism
30 August 2006Andy ClaibornPortland, ME 
30 August 2006Ria LENAERTSHouston, TXAssistant Accountant
30 August 2006Emmanuel De VeirmanBaltimore, MDResearcher
30 August 2006Nyavo KokouBelgiumNetwork Manager
30 August 2006Katelijne De BackerNew York, NYDirector
30 August 2006Dirk Van TuerenhoutHouston, TX Curator of Anthropology
30 August 2006Paul BoonenHouston, TXChief Petrophysicist
30 August 2006mir ziatabar Houston, TXPresident
30 August 2006afsaneh eskandaryHouston, TXHouse Wife
30 August 2006sally ziatabarHouston, TXStudent
30 August 2006sasan ZiatabarHouston, TXGraduate Student
31 August 2006Kristoff Van RobaysBuenos Aires, Argentina 
31 August 2006Yves Bienfait Buenos Aires, ArgentinaRegional Sales Manager
31 August 2006Philippe CRASKingwood, TXManager Project Development
31 August 2006Mieke CRAS-VANDERPLAETSENKingwood, TX 
31 August 2006NATHALIE CRASKingwood, TX 
31 August 2006EVELYNE CRASKingwood, TX 
31 August 2006PAULINE CRASKingwood, TX 
31 August 2006Van den Heuvel HuguetteLiege, BelgiumNurse
31 August 2006Chris De GraefForth Worth, TXCTO
31 August 2006Monique BoomHouston, TXRetired Teacher
31 August 2006John M. BoomHouston, TXRetired Teacher
31 August 2006Christine KintHouston, TxAccountant
31 August 2006Daniel KintHouston, Tx General Manager
31 August 2006Ian SchillebeeckxSt. Louis MissouriStudent
31 August 2006Philip CaenepeelQC CanadaRetired
31 August 2006Myriam CammaertQC Canada 
31 August 2006Hugo Du BoisHouston, TX 
31 August 2006Therese VertruyenTemple, TX  
31 August 2006Charles (Carlos)Verdonk Temple, TX 
31 August 2006Chantal VandendaeleHubbard ,Tx 
31 August 2006ir Eric F. Van de VeldePasadena, CAPh.D., Director Library Information Technology
31 August 2006Karine DelvauxBellaire, Tx 
31 August 2006Henk CalderonBellaire, TxStudent
31 August 2006Astrid CalderonBellaire, TxStudent
31 August 2006Dirk CalderonBellaire, TxEngineer
31 August 2006Dominique de ClerckLos Angeles, CA 
31 August 2006Carine BeysenSan Mateo, CAScientist
01 September 2006Eric BastingsBrookeville, MDNeurologist
01 September 2006Albert LabasseHouston, TX 
01 September 2006Inge MartensHouston, TX 
01 September 2006Godelieve RaesBurleson, TX 
01 September 2006Johan PrzydrygaBurleson, TX 
01 September 2006Carole OberhauserLonetree, CO 
01 September 2006Willem F. BrutsaertLamoine, MaineProfessor
01 September 2006Wilfried BrutsaertIthaca, NYProfessor of Engineering (Cornell University)
02 September 2006Brigitte DelzellBaton Rouge, Louisiana 
03 September 2006Christine JordensBelgium 
04 September 2006Jan Van der SpiegelPhiladelphia, PAProfessor, Dept. of Electrical and Systems Eng./201M
04 September 2006Pieter Andries HyeSouthlake, TX President, Pieter Andries
04 September 2006Marie-Helene Binje-HyeSouthlake, TXOFP, Pieter Andries
04 September 2006Philippe DelvauxFlower Mound, TXRegistered Representative
04 September 2006Lieve Brutsaert-DurantLemoine, MeRetired
04 September 2006Katrien Van LaekenFort Worth, TXProject Manager
05 September 2006Jean Nihoul Greenwich, CT 
05 September 2006Tytgat MarcIeper, BelgiumRetired Teacher
05 September 2006Philippe TytgatLos Angeles, CAVice President of Operations
05 September 2006De Wulf FredericHouston, TXProduction Manager
05 September 2006Ludwig JablonskiOlney, Maryland 
05 September 2006Paul ErreraWoodbridge, CTM.D.
05 September 2006Paul TempstNew York, NYProfessor of Molecular Biology
05 September 2006Katrien CosynGent, BelgiumAdministrative Staff
06 September 2006Annick Selle VanheusdenSugarland, TXLaboratory Director
06 September 2006Julie SelvaisVernon Hills, ILCustomer Service Representative
06 September 2006Francine ProostAda, MITeacher
06 September 2006Pieter van HeuleWinnetka, ILDoctor
06 September 2006Minneke van HeuleWinnetka, ILAuthor
06 September 2006Josephine van HeuleWinnetka, ILStudent/Model
06 September 2006Eddy CoopmansPalatine, ILSystems administrator
06 September 2006Regis VerliefdeChicago, ILNational Sales Manager
06 September 2006Hugo Van haeckeLake Forest, IL 
06 September 2006Erna Van MeerbergenLake Forest, IL 
06 September 2006Margo Van haeckeDenver, CO 
06 September 2006Thomas Van haeckeChicago, IL 
06 September 2006David Willis Chicago, ILInternational Banking
06 September 2006Christian BillenWauconda, ILChief Information Officer
06 September 2006Dr. Dominique SorgeloosKingsport, TNDirector, Eastman Chemical Company
06 September 2006Willy GoderisWilmette, IL 
06 September 2006Gilles R. PironCrowley, LASr Technical Advisor
06 September 2006Michael CooremanRandolph NJDirector
06 September 2006Frank StruyfSavannah, GA 
06 September 2006Nina HallquistChicago, ILManagement Consultant
06 September 2006Johan M. J. van ParysSt. Paul, MNPh.D., Director of Liturgy and Sacred Arts
06 September 2006Kathleen DobbelsSchaumburg, ILVice President Business Improvement
06 September 2006Tom Van der PerreChicago, ILTreasury Manager
06 September 2006Rita DevlooChicago, ILCook, Chicago Public Schools
06 September 2006David BaeckelandtChicago, ILPrincipal, Director Analytics & Research
06 September 2006Frank MoensGrayslake, ILDirector of Rehabilitation/Physical Therapist
06 September 2006Marcel van den BorrePrinceton, ILPublisher
06 September 2006Christoph OrisTurnhout, BelgiumManager External Audit
06 September 2006Peter Van Hoof Spencer, WIElectrical Engineering manager
06 September 2006Rita CoolsSpencer, WIAuditor
06 September 2006Tom Van HoofSpencer, WIInformation Technologies
06 September 2006Ann Van Hoof Spencer, WIExecutive assistant
06 September 2006Jef Van Hoof Spencer, WIStudent
06 September 2006Els Van Hoof Spencer, WIStudent
06 September 2006Geert PallemansEdwardsville, ILProfessor, Director
06 September 2006Koen van BesienChicago, ILProfessor
06 September 2006Jenny Mares OriChicago, ILPresident of Active Temporary Services, Inc.
06 September 2006Ruth CeulemansChicago, IL 
07 September 2006Ingrid Van Pee-AdamsCrystal Lake, IL 
07 September 2006Kamiel H. VandevoordeMishawaka, INPresident and General Manager
07 September 2006Alexandra RoerHoffman Estates, IL 
07 September 2006Rita Collette Hendy MertensOntario, Canada 
07 September 2006Kristine DelacourtWilmette, ILEconomist
07 September 2006Pieter BryonBrugge, BelgiumSocial Worker
07 September 2006Gisele BoudreauToronto, Canada 
07 September 2006Jan GheuensSimi Valley, CAVice President at Amgen inc.
07 September 2006Kristel DriessensSanta Fe, NMSelf Employed Artist
07 September 2006Luc HyeFort Worth, TXCabinetry Manufacturing
07 September 2006Carine StockmanGurnee, ILEarly Childhood Teacher
08 September 2006Guido Dutry-RobionDuffel, BelgiumDirector
08 September 2006Marie V. BousfieldChicago, ILDemographer
08 September 2006Louis ValckeU. Sherbrooke Qc, CanadaProf. Philosophy
08 September 2006Danielle ValckeU. Sherbrooke Qc, Canada 
08 September 2006Miet VanaudenaerdeBrampton ON CanadaTranslator
08 September 2006Walter RaesWestminster, CAVP & Director Financial Control (Retired), Representative Flemings in the World
08 September 2006Marian Van HoekToronto, CanadaStudent-at-law
08 September 2006Koenraad DriessensHouston, TXPrivate Equity Analyst
08 September 2006Luk CasteleynBurlington, Ontario, Canada 
09 September 2006Ingrid van PraagHouston, TX MA Translator/Interpreter, ATA Certified English/Dutch
09 September 2006Laurence Vanden Bussche - HillChicago, ILConsultant
09 September 2006Rene DesmedtLa Habra, CAPresident of the former Belgian-American Rik Van Looy Supporters Club
09 September 2006Stijn VandenberghePittsburgh, PAPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
09 September 2006Bart RyckboschChicago, ILBelgian-American Club of Chicago
10 September 2006Marie-France LhermiteElewijt BelgiumAirline Employee
10 September 2006Hervé MartinElewijt Belgium 
10 September 2006Evert MiessenCalgary, AB CanadaSenior Project Manager
10 September 2006Lien De BrouckereLexington, MA 
10 September 2006Moniek SteemansLexington, MA 
10 September 2006Raf LambrechtMoraga, CADirector, Regulatory Affairs
10 September 2006Rosemie LeyreBoston MARetired Professor
10 September 2006Eddy VandenbusscheToronto, ON, CanadaTranslator
10 September 2006Christophe FoubertChicago, IL 
11 September 2006Henk BouteFalls Church, VADutch translator
11 September 2006Michele Van ZandyckeFalls Church VACommercial Insurance Producer
11 September 2006Henk BouteFalls Church VATranslator
11 September 2006Penelope BouteFalls Church VA 
11 September 2006Sebastian BouteFalls Church VA 
11 September 2006Ann BeumerPlainfield, IL 
11 September 2006Maria VanderstichelenNew York, NY 
11 September 2006Elisabeth Renard-GossiauxOntario, Canada 
11 September 2006Francoise DebaixSan Diego, CA 
11 September 2006Rita FennerGroveland, FLPresident/Owner of Florida Unlimited Incentives, Inc.
12 September 2006An FlamandDavenport, FLOwner, USA Vacation Homes
12 September 2006Geertrui SpaepenChicago, ILDoctoral Student
12 September 2006Luc Demortier New York, NYAssociate Professor, The Rockefeller University
12 September 2006Sally BinardKey West, FLSmall Business Owner
12 September 2006Alain LissoirRedmond, WASenior Program Manager
12 September 2006Andre GolardSeattle, WA 
12 September 2006Elke Van de VeldeSeattle, WAPhotographer
12 September 2006Ginette ManLynnwood, WA 
12 September 2006Arlette Elise HebrantRedmond, WAHomemaker
12 September 2006Georges Jean HebrantRedmond, WAMechanical engineer, Retired
12 September 2006Claude OstynRedmond, WASoftware Consultant
12 September 2006Chantal StevensSeattle, WAExecutive Director, Sustainable Seattle
12 September 2006Vincent De NeefCharlotte NCStudent
12 September 2006Emma De NeefCharlotte, NCStudent
12 September 2006Olivier De MeulderTampa, FLVice President
12 September 2006Gaby HeirmanCharlotte, NCPhysical Therapist
12 September 2006Wim De NeefCharlotte, NCPhysical Therapist
12 September 2006Tom VansteenkisteOrmond Beach, FLPhysical Therapist
12 September 2006Leen DeRidder Ormond Beach, FLPhysical Therapist
12 September 2006Vercauteren ReneBrecht, Belgium 
12 September 2006Astrid ClaessensBoston, MA 
12 September 2006Magdalena Vergauwen-VerwiltLongwood, FLPhysical Therapist
12 September 2006Wim VergauwenLongwood, FLPhysical Therapist
12 September 2006Jan ClaessensLake Mary, FLManaging Member
12 September 2006Martine DerveauxLake Mary, FLManaging Member
12 September 2006Simon LaneresOrlando, FLContract Assistant
12 September 2006Noel MoenssensClermont, FLSales Manager
12 September 2006Marleen De WitteTampa, FL 
12 September 2006Maurice MottieOrlando, FLAuto Broker - Business Owner
12 September 2006Birgit Van Hout, JDSt. Petersburg, FLExecutive Director
13 September 2006Roger FrancoisVancouver, BC, CanadaProfessor
13 September 2006Isabelle CharlierFalmouth , MARegister Nurse
13 September 2006Sebastien BertrandFalmouth, MAPostdoctoral Researcher
13 September 2006Peter Vander SticheleLongwood, FLPresident, IMCG, Inc.
13 September 2006Nathalie BruynoogheLongwood, FLVice-President
13 September 2006Eric BillauxColorado Springs, COSr. Software Engineer
13 September 2006Jean-Pierre SchererFederal Way, WAWindStar Operations Support
13 September 2006Muriel BrasseurSeattle, WA 
13 September 2006Birgit Van HoutTampa, FLExecutive Director, at Community Tampa Bay Org.
13 September 2006Eli PrietoTampa FLInsurance Agent Tampa Florida
13 September 2006Anne Cochez-LindWoodinville, WAFlight Attendant
13 September 2006Dirk Peter LuyckxSeattle, WAContent Producer
13 September 2006Yolanda CietersSeattle, WA 
13 September 2006Nathalie CoeugnietSeattle, WAAdministrative Coordinator
13 September 2006Christine OldSeattle, WASoftware Engineer
13 September 2006Nancy DebourghHouston, TX 
13 September 2006Gaston GeysensOntario, CanadaEngineering Technician
14 September 2006Rina OxleyFremont, OH 
14 September 2006Jacqueline LetzterNice, FranceAssociate Professor of French University of Maryland
14 September 2006Marcel RozencweigPrinceton, NJ M.D., Chief Medical Officer
14 September 2006Bruno Van ElewijckWeerde, BelgiumMilitary
14 September 2006Caroline TenaertsWeerde, Belgium 
14 September 2006Yannick Van ElewijckWeerde, BelgiumStudent
14 September 2006Stephanie CostaBoortmeerbeek, BelgiumStudent
14 September 2006Benny BytebierSouth AfricaEditor-in-Chief, Stellenbosch University
14 September 2006Katia De GrooteMelsbroek, Belgium 
14 September 2006Liliane VermeerschOntario, Canada 
14 September 2006Tim VerslyckeFalmouth, MAScientist
14 September 2006Jean-Marie DesmetMelsbroek, Belgium 
15 September 2006Dominique Alexandre Rencurrel Cotuit, MARN CLNC IV Specialist
15 September 2006Annelies Van RieChapel Hill, NCInternational Health Researcher
15 September 2006Michel HebrantSeattle, WADirector at Callison Architecture
15 September 2006TENAERTS DENISEMelsbroek, Belgium 
15 September 2006Ginette ManLynnwood, WA 
15 September 2006Christophe VerlindeSeattle, WAAssociate Professor of Biochemistry
16 September 2006Jenny Tietz-HoubenDenver, CO 
16 September 2006Sarah ClootsNew York, NYBook Editor
17 September 2006Pierre De BieJyvaskyla, FinlandExport Manager
17 September 2006Guy GilbertDuvall, WAGroup Product Manager
17 September 2006Roger DeBackerOntario, Canada 
17 September 2006Yvonne Rutten KennedyOntario, Canada 
18 September 2006Francoise BrasseurKent, WashingtonFood Technologist
18 September 2006Kristof PeremansWaimauku, New ZealandEletrician
18 September 2006Eric JansseuneNew ZealandEnvironmental Project Engineer
18 September 2006Dirk VissersJasper, CanadaMaintenance Manager
18 September 2006Guy PosschelleMiami, FLManaging Director
18 September 2006Francoise PosschelleMiami, FLTreasurer
18 September 2006Eveline DelvauxAuckland, New ZealandPrimary School Teacher
18 September 2006Renee RossAuckland, New ZealandStudent
18 September 2006Ruben RossAuckland, New ZealandStudent
18 September 2006Martine F. SelvaisWauconda, IL 
18 September 2006Sabine SelvaisWauconda, IL 
18 September 2006Liliane Roose  
18 September 2006Vera FiersMonterey, CA Church Administrator
19 September 2006Rodolphe MinettiLille, FranceUniversity Professor
19 September 2006Rudy De WulfBradenton, FLVP Sales
19 September 2006Maria FaylonaBradenton, FLAdmin Assistant
19 September 2006Sylvia Foster Sr. Regional Medical Scientist, Northwest Region
19 September 2006Sylvie AdamSeattle, WAIndustrial Hygienist
20 September 2006Carine CoolsJyvaskyla, FinlandSenior Research Associate
20 September 2006Steven De BruynHempstead, NYExecutive Chef/Wine Director
20 September 2006Ann VerbeemenWaimauku, New ZealandMedical Secretary
20 September 2006Maarten PeremansWaimauku, New Zealand 
20 September 2006Stijn PeremansWaimauku, New Zealand 
20 September 2006Nele PeremansWaimauku, New Zealand 
20 September 2006Gerda H DebeuckelaereNaples, FL 
20 September 2006Eric S. HowardSouth Portland, MEFulbright Scholar & CEO
20 September 2006Greta V. HowardMarblehead, MAAntique Dealer
20 September 2006Alexandra Vandaele HowardMaynard, MA 
21 September 2006Freya BaetensNY, NYPh.D., Researcher, Columbia University
21 September 2006Ingrid DewyspelaereLongwood, FLPhysical Therapist
21 September 2006Vera Van de VeldePrinceton, NJPh.D., Consultant Clinical Pharmacokinetics
21 September 2006Frank KoningsPrinceton, NJPh.D., Senior Vice President at Johnson & Johnson
21 September 2006Alexandra KoningsPrinceton, NJEngineering Student, MIT
22 September 2006Luc TorfsLake Worth, FL  
22 September 2006Bruno VerelstWashington MOManufacturing Manager
22 September 2006Susette PietersWashington MO 
22 September 2006Marcel NeesenLongwood, FLPhysical Therapist
22 September 2006Rita NeesenLongwood, FLContract Analyst
23 September 2006Gaston GeorisUSACollege Professor, Restaurant Owner
24 September 2006Gilberte LongSeattle, WA 
24 September 2006Jan ClaessensLake Mary, FLPhysical Therapist
24 September 2006Martine DerveauxLake Mary, FLManager/Owner
24 September 2006Francois TheunissenPattaya, Thailand 
25 September 2006Marc WeryAtlanta, GeorgiaAirline Pilot
25 September 2006Yannick MeuriceIowa City, IAPhysics Professor, The University of Iown, Iowa City
25 September 2006Martin CousynsBangkok, ThailandQuality Manager
26 September 2006Kristin Redman-VermeirenBethesda, MDReal Estate Agent
27 September 2006Tenaerts FransBelgium 
27 September 2006Tenaerts VivianeBelgium 
28 September 2006Peter Van den BosscheSwedenTechnical & Commercial Manager Skandinavia
28 September 2006Mieke HaegemanSwedenEnvironmental Engineer
28 September 2006Flores Van den BosscheSweden 
28 September 2006Jasper Van den BosscheSweden 
29 September 2006Yves DanisRichmond, VAConsultant
30 September 2006I. Marina Angstadt-VanwelkenhuysenSpring Lake, NJ 
03 October 2006Anne-Marie MalfaitSt Louis, MOM.D., Ph.D.
05 October 2006Angelina Grailet OvervoldRichmond, VirginiaAssociate Professor
05 October 2006David RijsmanMenlo Park, CAPrincipal Applications Engineer
10 October 2006Leif OvervoldDurham, NC 
11 October 2006Jean-Pierre MassonRichmond, TXPh.D., Consultant
14 October 2006Anita VermeulenSan Francisco, CA 
16 October 2006Veerle PicardSarasota, FLPhysical Therapist
18 October 2006Dr. Rene Michel PIETTESeattle, WAUniversity Professor ( Ph.D. ) in French literature
19 October 2006Wim RoelandtsCupertino, CACEO, Xilinx
24 October 2006Patrice GillesPlano, TXEquaTerra Procurement Practice Lead/ Insourcing and Outsourcing Advisory Services
28 October 2006Robert HendrickLauderhill, FLCity of Fort Lauderdale: IT Technician and Networking Teacher
28 October 2006Maryse ColsonLauderhill, FLCity of Fort Lauderdale: Secretary Legal Assistant
28 October 2006Henri LargefeuillePompano Beach Florida, FL 
02 November 2006Eric PonsletLos Alamos, NMSenior Engineer, Project Manager
02 November 2006Vera Svalgaard-De GeestHouston, TXLace Teacher, Artist
02 November 2006Christina RaesPalo Alto, CA 
02 November 2006Robert ReynoldsDelray Beach, FLSmall Business Owner
02 November 2006Sophie CallewaertDelray Beach, FLSmall Business Owner
08 November 2006Donald knowlesDenver, CORestaurant Manager
08 November 2006Brian KnowlesDenver, COU.S. Postal service
10 November 2006Jan WillemseNaples, FLConsultant in Water Treatment
13 November 2006Geert MolStratford, CTSenior Revenue Management Consultant, Hospitality Business Group, Amadeus North America, Inc.
14 November 2006Kurt KroothoepWalnut Creek, CAChocolatier, Leonidas
15 November 2006Yves VrielynckKey Largo, FLDestination Sales Manager, Florida Keys & Key West (Tourist Development Council)
15 November 2006Ines VrielynckKey Largo, FLTravel Industry Sales Manager, Ocean Reef Club
15 November 2006Pierre Marcel JasparMiami, FL 
15 November 2006Virginia Ana JasparMiami, FL 
15 November 2006Olga Pont MoulieMiami, FL 
17 November 2006Tom HeymanPrinceton, NJExecutive Vice President Business Development, Pharmaceuticals Group, Johnson & Johnson
26 November 2006Etienne Finet  
05 December 2006Kris LambrechtsSan JoseGlobal Engineering Manager
09 December 2006Jean Jacques TruyensLake Worth, FLRetiree from G.M.
15 December 2006Bart VandenbergheMiami, FLSales Leader Dealer Channel, Trane Commercial Systems – Latin America Territory, A division of American Standard, Inc.
20 December 2006Dameon RhodesHouston, TXTechnich Ingenieur
20 December 2006DJ RhodesHouston, TXStudent
20 December 2006John L. RhodesHouston, TXStudent
20 December 2006Godfried DekeyserHouston, TXPresident DeepSea Consulting
20 December 2006Dora DekeyserHouston, TX 
28 December 2006Carine Dekeyser-MallisHarleysville, PAHomemaker
17 January 2007Jan GheuensSimi Valley, CA 
17 January 2007Ilse SnoeksSimi Valley, CA 
25 January 2007Frederic de SauvageFoster City, CASenior Director
26 January 2007Edmond Vanderoy  
26 January 2007Jacqueline Broeckaert-Vanderoy  
27 February 2007Dirk LibaersAtlanta, GAPhD student
13 March 2007Carine Dreze GrosjeanHouston, TXDesigner
13 March 2007Abel GrosjeanHouston, TXChemist

Entry count: 1011         Updated: Tuesday 13 March 2007